About Sinley

The family originated from the New Territories in Hong Kong. Mr. Tai Hei Chan left Hong Kong in 1960 and came to England. He thought that this would give his family a better future. He originated from a fishing village in Hong Kong. While in England he started working in the food industry as a dish washer and eventually started learning his trade as a chef.

Away After learning his trade as a chef he saw a good opportunity in starting his own business in Ireland. At this stage Mrs. Chan came over from Hong Kong to Ireland to join her husband in the business venture

Mr. and Mrs. Chan have nine children. Each of the family members have been taught in the family trade. The family business is situated in Cookstown.

Jeremy Chan The family have lived and had a business in the town for the past 27 years. In recent years Mr. Chan has retired and left the running of the business to his children.


Belfast City Council : “We held a workshop in Belfast in October 2009 for restaurant and takeaway owners interested in adding healthy Chinese options to their menus. Restaurant owner and chef Jeremy Chan from the Sinley in Cookstown demonstrated how to cook a range of classic dishes which are lower in fat, salt and sugar and contain no additional colourings or monosodium glutamate (MSG). You can watch Jeremy preparing his dishes by using the links below. All the videos, which open in a new window, include an interpretation in Mandarin.”

Cooking Demonstration | VCD Dadfest, Dungannon

Cooking Demonstration | St George’s Market, Belfast