Welcome To The Sinley Chinese

Welcome to our new and improved website. We hope that you will find there is something for everyone within the menu. We have a wide range of gluten free choices which are delicious and have been approved by our local dietitian and coeliac branch. Why not try our healthy options again approved by our local dietician and are very scrumptious . For the kids we have a wide range and please don’t forget to try some of the new dishes added to the menu. Don’t worry our delectable old faithful recipes are still there. There truly is something for everyone at Sinley Chinese Cuisine!


“Chinese food is the most popular takeaway but many of our traditional recipes have been adapted to suit our ‘westernised’ palettes. When people go out to eat and enjoy a treat, it’s important for us that we have a range of healthy food on the menu that they can choose from.”
 Jeremy Chan